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Levo Table Clamp Tablet Holder - Levo Store UK

    Levo Table Clamp Tablet Holder

      Product Information

      When you use your tablet for playing music, cooking, reading or watching films, your arms soon get tired and you can end up craning your neck forward to look down at the screen.

      The Levo grabs your tablet firmly in seconds and extends easily over your furniture, allowing you to sit comfortably all the way back in your chair or bed.

      Finished in attractive gunmetal grey, the Levo Table Clamp Tablet Holder benefits from a patent pending "V" Clamp to attach to corners of tables less than 1.6 inches thick with overhangs as littles as 1/4 inch, allowing you to clamp on any table or counter in the home.

      This model enjoys the same easy adjustment features of the Levo Deluxe models in a more lightweight format, ideal if you want to carry the holder from place to place


      • V Clamp 
      • 5 axis swing-arm for quick positioning
      • Quickly spin from portrait to landscape
      • Quick lock height adjustment from 5.5 - 16.5 inches
      • Some assembly required



      Book Platform Accessory

      Add the option of a book platform and you can quickly turn your tablet holder into a book holder.




      Maximum Height: 14cm

      Minimum Height: 42cm

      Clamp dimensions : Gap up to 1.5" overhang Min required 1/4"

      Weight: 1.6kg


      Compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 inch and all other iPads, Galaxy tablets, Surface, Zoom, Nexus, Nook, Fire, and other tablets and eReaders measuring 13 inches diagonally or less, and weighing up to 4 pounds. Works great with or without cases as long as there diagonal measurement is 13 inches or less. Attach and remove your device in seconds.


      Q: Will this hold the iPad Pro 12.9 inch?

      A: Yes, the Levo G2 Deluxe works well with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.

      Q: Can you type on a tablet while using the Levo? 

      A: We have designed the Levo to minimise bouncing. This is one of the most important features of a tablet stand, as it means your brain won't get dizzied because the tablet won't move while you type. We invested time into our R&D to develop the sturdiest tablet stand possible.

      Q: I want to be able to lie down flat in bed with the iPad being above my face. Can it do that?

      A: Yes the Levo will allow you to lie flat in bed with the tablet above your face. The stand will hold the tablet at a landscape or portrait orientation

      Q: How do you adjust the height?

      A: There is a tightening handle on the stem. When you want to adjust, loosen the handle, adjust to position you want and then tighten this handle back to close.