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    Locking Wheels (x2)

      Product Information


      Many of our Levo holder come with a reassuringly heavy base that is easy to wheel into position. Once in position you would be able to lock the wheels in place keeping you Levo securely positioned where you need it

      • Semi-circular wheel cover
      • Lockable wheels
      • Black finish

      Available at the checkout when ordering the follow Levo Products

      • Levo Deluxe Tablet holder
      • Levo Deluxe Book holder
      • Levo Laptop Workstation

      Wheel Diameter: 50cm

      Includes Brake: Yes

      Thread Size: M8

      Height: 54mm

      Rotation: Swivel


      Q: What products can I use these on?

      A: Levo Deluxe Table Holder, Levo Deluxe Book Holder and Levo Laptop Workstation